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since 1996
Resources & consulting & training services for mission-based organizations
(not-for-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations/NGOs,
civil society & public sector/government agencies, departments & initiatives)
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Jayne Cravens is an international consultant, researcher and trainer. Her work is focused on communications (her first love), volunteer involvement / community engagement, and management for nonprofits, NGOs, and government initiatives. She has more than a decade of international experience particularly regarding community and institutional development. She is passionate about the importance of mission-based organizations - nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and others - in ensuring a healthy, peaceful, happy planet with equal rights and opportunities for all people.

Jayne is a pioneer regarding the research, promotion and practice of virtual volunteering, including virtual team work, online mentoring, microvolunteering and crowdsourcing. She is co-author of The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, available as a traditional print book or digitally. Jayne became active online in 1993, and she created one of the first web sites focused on helping to build the capacity of nonprofits to use the Internet. She also tracks practices to prevent folklore, rumors (or rumours), and myths from derailing humanitarian aid and development initiatives. She has been interviewed for and quoted in articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, as well as for reports by CNN, Deutsche Well, the BBC, and various local radio stations, TV stations and blogs. Resources from her web site, coyotecommunications.com, are frequently cited in reports and articles by a variety of organizations, online and in-print.

Jayne is a veteran manager of various local and international initiatives. She has worked extensively with multicultural audiences, corporate audiences, United Nations agencies, national and international agencies, international aid workers, low-income communities, and those who are traditionally socially-excluded. In all of her community and institutional development work, she has a demonstrated commitment to women's issues and mainstreaming gender considerations. You can also read about her core professional competencies and her capacity-building work specifically.

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