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Coyote Broad:
Resources & Inspiration For Women Who Travel
(or Want to!)
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Want to celebrate something in a substantial way? Travel.  

Looking for direction or meaning in life? Travel.

Want to make life -- or yourself -- instantly more interesting? Travel.

Want to have something to talk about? Travel.

Don't have a life outside of your job? Travel.

Need a life change? Travel.

Need to cleanse your crazies? Travel.

Depressed? Lonely? Been dumped? Travel.

Need inspiration? Travel.

Gained too much weight? Travel.

'cause the world needs more American broads abroad.

This section of my web site is my attempt to encourage women in the USA to travel, either just a few miles from home or around the world. Too many women in the USA talk themselves out of traveling - I want to be the counter-voice to that inner voice that says, "You can't! You shouldn't!"

These pages probably aren't really for very experienced female travelers (though they are welcomed to read!) - I'm not sure I could tell women that regularly go on vacations anything they don't already know. These pages are, instead, specifically for women in the USA who haven't traveled at all, except maybe to Disneyland or Vegas or a beach, or haven't traveled much, but want to, including outside the USA. If you've wanted to travel, but have been afraid to - because you think you don't have the money, or you are afraid to do it alone, or you are afraid you will somehow screw it up, or you're just afraid, period, these pages are for you. I hope they are also helpful for experienced female travelers going somewhere they've never been, but I have.

I believe the world would be at least a slightly better place if more American women traveled, both within the USA and internationally, both because American women are so much more than what is portrayed on American TV shows (which are seen all over the world) and because it would empower women with knowledge that would make the USA a better place.

You don't need a huge budget to travel. You don't need to be a spiritual person to enjoy traveling.

You just need to be able to plan, listen, explore, see and think -- and, ultimately, to enjoy.

My personal essay about why traveling is not only wonderful, but important to your life, and why women's excuses to avoid traveling are really just words.

Need inspiration? Have a look at my travel essays, covering road trips in the U.S, living in Germany and traveling throughout Europe and beyond. These aren't to brag -- they are to inspire (and to help my memory in my old age)

I have a page of general information and advice to help get novice women travelers from the USA planning ASAP, with advice on how to choose where to go, your options regarding group travel or DIY, and your options regarding transportation and accommodations.

Things for women to consider regarding accommodations choices, including advice on on safety.

A review of transportation options for women travelers, with advice on preventing motion sickness.

I also have packing tips and health & safety considerations especially for novice women travelers (and I also have Packing Advice For First-Time Humanitarians & Aid Workers - what you should pack before you head out on your first mission trip.

saving money for travel (or to pay off your debt).

for women who travel by motorcycle (or want to). Includes information on packing and accommodations.

transire benefaciendo: "to travel along while doing good." Advice for those wanting to make their travel more than sight-seeing and shopping, whether in your own country or abroad.

I have a page of my favorite travel resources, some specifically focused on helping women travelers.

My page of helpful hints for camping with your dogs in the USA.

Feeling ambitious? Some of the most astounding travel destinations are in developing countries, and if you are already an experienced international traveler, you might want to think about some not-so-"Western" destinations.

My favorite North American Ghost towns / historic mining towns / pre-1900s towns

Advice for Traveling Around the USA Camping & Hiking

Saving Money with Park Passes in the USA (includes a caution for motorcycle riders regarding state parks.

Backpacking start points near PDX (Portland, Oregon)

Forest Grove, Oregon area day hikes

Accessing essential information while traveling
Advice on things you should do before you leave on a trip, to ensure you can access information via any computer or your feature phone or smart phone that you might need while traveling.
Using the Internet to Share Your Adventure During Your Adventure, advice on blogging, photo-sharing, tweeting, etc.

Getting Started as a Motorcycle Rider: My Journey (Tips for Women Who Want To Ride)

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2012

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2013

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2014

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2015

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2016

Our Motorcycle Travel in 2017

Things to do in & around Portland, Oregon when it rains (for grownups)
Because it can rain a LOT in the greater Portland metro area. This is the most comprehensive list you will find ANYWHERE. 

My travel relative to Henderson, Kentucky
(my birthplace):

Farthest North I've been on Earth (by land):
Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Farthest South I've been:
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Nearest I've Been to Equator from the North:
Havana, Cuba

Farthest East I've been on Earth (from Kentucky):
Delhi, India
(or would it be Perth, Australia? I don't know how to judge that)

Farthest West I've been on Earth (from Kentucky):
Hyder, Alaska (next to Stewart, Alaska)
(or would it be Perth, Australia? I don't know how to judge that)

Closest to the equator I have been (on land):
San Andres Cholula, Mexico

Number of US states I've been to:
(I haven't been to Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma or West Virginia... yet... )

Number of countries I've visited or lived in:

Countries I've visited or lived in
(links go to most recent trips; I've been to a few countries multiple times):
Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain (England and Scotland), Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Luxembourg, Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Catalunya and Castilla), Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vatican City

International trips by motorcycle
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Northern England & Scotland, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Trips riding my own motorcycle
California ("Lost Coast" and gold country), Idaho, Montana (Glacier NP), Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington (state), Wyoming (Yellowstone), Canada (Alberta and British Columbia, Jasper, Banff & Kootenay).

Maps of where I've been

Also see:

my work and my favorite resources regarding tourism for community & economic development

Advice for Hotels, Hostels & Campgrounds in Transitional & Developing Countries:
The Qualities of Great, Cheap Accommodations

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