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Research & Evaluation Services by Jayne Cravens

My services for nonprofits / NGOs / civil society, and government and development agencies, include evaluating: I have extensive experience in designing, implementing and monitoring grant programs, research, and in evaluating project proposals, organizations and project activities. My experience includes: In addition to the aforementioned professional experience in evaluation, as well as my training in such for my MSc in Development Management, I am also trained in planning and evaluation by Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation.

I specialize in a variety of services for mission-based organizations (not-for-profits/NPOs, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society, grass roots organizations, and public sector agencies). Some services for for-profit companies are also available. For my Curriculum Vitae, please contact me.

Also see a list of workshops and panel discussions I have lead for various organizations, and for international, national and major regional conferences.

Check out the Jayne Blog, featuring suggestions about resources and issues relating to mission-based organizations, and notices about when the non-technical parts of this web site are updated (such as the section on volunteerism or development. The blog provides a way for readers to post comments as well. The Jayne Blog is also available via RSS Feed (if you have a web page that allows you to view RSS Feeds, such as via your My Yahoo page, you can see the latest headlines on my blog right along with all other blogs and web sites you monitor via an RSS Feed). The RSS feed address for the Jayne Blog:

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