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Jayne Cravens,

United Nations Tech4Good / ICT4D Initiatives

Various United Nations offices have launched initiatives to promote the use of computers, feature phones, smart phones and various networked devices in development and humanitarian activities, to promote digital literacy and equitable access to the "information society," and to bridge the digital divide.

This web page is my effort to track UN Tech4Good / ICT4D programs, from the oldest through 2016. My goal is to primarily to help researchers, as well as to remind current UN initiatives that much work regarding ICT4D has been done by various UN employees, consultants and volunteers for more than 15 years (and perhaps longer?).

I compiled this information primarily through archived versions of web sites at I've included the original URLs of these initiatives, many of which no longer work or have been taken over by other companies, so researchers can view the sites
at over several years - not just the one year I might link to:

If you know of more such UN initiatives that did ICT4D work prior to 2016, please contact me a

And if you represent any of the initiatives on this page, make sure your listing on Wikipedia is correct (or exists).

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