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For Small Nonprofits, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, etc.:
Finding and Choosing A Web Designer

Keep in mind a mistake that many organizations have made: handing all Web site development -- from content creation to regular maintenance -- to a consultant or to only one staff member. This is an inefficient and costly way to handle your Web activities! ALL STAFF should have access to and input regarding your organization's Web site, to ensure it reflects the mission and the qualities of your organization and individual departments, and to ensure that you don't create a costly dependance on an outside consultant (more content suggestions here). 

Someone in-house should be able to make regular changes to the site without needing assistance of the web designer; whomever designs your web site MUST design the web site with this in mind!

What to look for in a Web Designer

Someone who

Also see Finding a Computer/Network Consultant for more tips.

How to Find a Web Designer

Also: old versions of your web site will be available at The Internet Wayback Machine / You will be able to achieve at least one iteration of your web site from each year that it's been available on this resource. This is very helpful in retrieving information someone deletes off of the web site and didn't back up. It also helps you create a record of your organization's history. Do NOT let any web designer put coding into your pages so that they will NOT be archived by this resource!


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