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Tech4Impact: My Email Newsletter
for Nonprofits/Civil Society

TECH4IMPACT is my free monthly email newsletter, which provides information on:
  • how technology is used effectively by mission-based organizations -- that means nonprofits, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society organizations, public sector agencies, schools -- and their supporters, to benefit individuals, communities and the environment;

  • what tech and online tools, resources and practices are proving most valuable to these organizations and their volunteers;

  • what cultural and financial conditions, legislation, and other factors are that can and do influence tech use by these groups.

  • news and resources relating to all of the above

  • updates to the Coyote Communications web site relating to nonprofits and technology.

Tech4Impact is less about techno-jargon and more about the human factors in using technology successfully, including the Internet, to benefit people, communities and the environment. It's been published since January 2001 - for 15 years!

Past issues of Tech4Impact are available on the Tech4Impact Archives.  

This newsletter goes out the second week of the month, usually on Tuesday. The email addresses of those who subscribe to this update are used exclusively for the distribution of this electronic update; these email addresses are not sold or traded to any other organization. Unsubscribe information is included in every newsletter.

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