Revised with new information as of January 19, 2017

Daily, Mandatory, Minimal Tasks for Nonprofits on Facebook & Twitter


There are a lot of nonprofits using Facebook and Twitter just to post to press releases. And if that's how your nonprofit, NGO or government agency is using social media, then your organization is missing out on most of the benefits you could gain from such. Facebook, Twitter and other social media are all about engagement. Social media is NOT one-way communication; you want people and organizations to read your information, but you also want them to respond to it. And they want YOU to respond to what THEY are saying.

Let me be blunt: if your organization or program's Facebook page and Twitter account are pretty much just announcements of new items for sale through your organization, requests for donations, and the usual, boring press releases, your social media activities are NOT worth following!

There are certain things that a nonprofit, NGO, government agency or other mission-based organization should be doing every day on social media to make using such worthwhile: to attract more volunteers and financial donors, to keep your current volunteers and financial donors, to attract media attention, and to ensure your organization is seen as relevant and credible by elected officials and the general public.

Note: the term "every day" used here means every week day; it excludes weekends and holidays.

I broke these must-do tasks down into the most simple, basic list as possible - these tasks take minutes, not hours, a day.



UNDP Ukraine Dep. Res Rep @InitaGE makes a presentation re: gender equality ---linktophoto---

Don't just post press releases and official announcements. Also post messages or photos that are informal, that show the human side of your organization. For instance: That's the minimal your organization needs to be doing on Facebook and Twitter. There is so much more you could be doing to use social media to better engage with current and potential volunteers and supporters, clients, the press, partner organizations, etc., but this is the minimal.

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